Warhammer Plus streaming service will come with tons of animated content

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Warhammer Plus is a new streaming service from Games Workshop, publisher of tabletop games in settings such as Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. It will be loaded with animated series from the British company’s flagship science-fiction universe, as well as the Warhammer Fantasy universe. There are 11 titles announced so far, with standouts such as Astartes 2, Altar of Wrath, Interrogator, and Blacktalon.

Games Workshop teased part of this project back in March when it announced just a few titles from the launch lineup. Games Workshop has spent the last few years courting fan artists such as Richard Boylan and Syama Pedersen, who had created high-profile YouTube series independently. Now those creators are forming the core of the company’s attempt to participate in the streaming wars.

There’s a wide variety of stories on offer, from 2D animation to 3D that aims for photorealism. The majority of stories do seem to focus on 40K and its vast setting of aliens and empires, but there are a few glimpses at scenes from the current Age of Sigmar setting as well. The show that we’ve seen the most of so far is Angels of Death, a 10-part animated series, with 10-minute episodes, focusing on the Space Marine chapter known as the Blood Angels.

Pariah Nexus focuses on the Necrons, and has them fight against several factions within the Imperium of Man. Hammer and Bolter is an anthology series focusing on short stories within both Warhammer universes. Interrogator is a show about a man who is looking to avenge his dead boss, an Imperial Inquisitor. That should be particularly interesting for fans of the Inquisitor novels, which are currently being adapted into a live-action show for Amazon.

Warhammer Plus will be available as an app on smart TVs, and on iOS and Android devices. The launch is set for July, although details of the subscription service, including how much it will cost, have yet to be announced.

The announcement comes on the tail of Games Workshop’s launch of a companion mobile app for the Warhammer 40K tabletop game, a launch that included a consolidated login for its consumer website as well. Expect more about Warhammer Plus on June 23.

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