The Miles Morales bodega cat has a shout-out to the most NY video

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It’s hard to imagine anything being more New York than using a bodega cat as a weapon, but Insomniac Games has managed to achieve exactly that in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. To understand how, we need to turn our attention back to a classic meme.

A couple of years ago, a video of a man with a heavy New York accent went viral after viewers fell in love with his hilarious review of a docile bodega cat who, in his words, “takes a pet like no problem.” Part of what made the video so good, aside from watching the kitten’s content little face soak all the attention up, was that it captured everything that makes New York, well, New York.

Now that Miles Morales is out, fans noticed that when Spider-Man saves the cat and returns it to the bodega, he suddenly breaks into the same New York cadence and quotes the viral video outright. “That’s a great cat,” Miles echoes after petting the feline — who also happens to be named Spider-Man.

A small detail, to be sure, but one that continues to highlight the game’s reverence for all things New York, whether that’s including a start screen of Miles reading his phone on the train or having streets dotted with Puerto Rican flags.

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